So I want to make an app...

You sign up with an email and phone number which is connected to a firebase or something idk yet

You add all your friends/family through email or phone number

When you need to, if you go to one of your friends, it will send notifications to your friends phone and will force it to make a sound on full volume, even if it’s on silent. Sort of like a find my iPhone for friends, or when you need them in a n emergency and you think they’re sleeping.

Of course they’ll be options to turn it off/block incoming notifications.

How would I go about doing like the whole connecting to the other phone part?

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    There use to be an app called Yo that did something similar.
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    @bkwilliams well it’s actually still on the App Store. Does it force the phone to make a sound even when on silent?
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    @coolguy101 I don’t know, it requires both people to have it and I was the only one in my circle with it.
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    @bkwilliams well I’m that aspect, yes, the other person will need to have the app as well
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    Oh yes, theres no way someone would abuse this just to ask you to fix their printer cause their dick got stuck in it after unclear instructions (metaphorically, if it was literal then I guess its an emergency).
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