found a Nordvpn offer that says 2.99 a month if i pay for 3 years. what do you guys guys use / think? I'd love something that cheap but more like annually.

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    I use protonvpn, its free but the paid options are pretty cheap too. Also windscribe is good.
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    I was on them for a couple years as my first VPN. I ended up switching to PIA after I ran out my time with Nord.

    Never had any issues with Nord just liked PIA's feature set better.
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    My Usenet provider offers VPN service for free, with my $160/y Usenet plan.
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    @bahua that's actually pretty good. I pay 140 for 100GB per month and don't even get decent speeds.... let alone vpn services ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I liked their client, but that’s all. Nowadays some websites block VPN provider’s ip (because that’s the easiest option), so if you encounter such a website you need to turn VPN off to get access, you may have some luck with some less popular services though. If it doesn’t bother you then sure, nordvpn is great (or at least it was a few years ago), otherwise I recommend to host your own with e.g. openvpn, you may also find some cheaper vps options for the same period. Though, drawback with self-hosted vpn is that you have only single ip address.
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    I take that back. I just checked. VPN is a $45/y add-on. Totally worth it to me though.
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    I use Windscribe, it's free (up to 10 GB), am satisfied and their monthly advertisements sent to my inbox are hilarious.
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    @cho-uc that game of thrones one had me hysterically laughing on my couch.
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    I have used Mullvad for years. They are rated highly for their privacy and practices. A VPN is only with as much as your trust in the provider- and Mullvad has my trust.

    They’re located in Sweden which is better than countries like the U.S. or Britain (highly recommend against companies in either). You can add their servers through open vpn configs or use their really great app which lets you pick from a ton of servers in different countries around the world.

    They value your privacy when creating or managing your account. When you sign up they collect no personal information. You merely have an account number with them. You can pay via many methods including crypto, and even anonymously mailing them cash.

    Connection speeds are top notch. Easily switching between servers means getting the best speed and quickly overcoming geographic limits on some apps/sites.

    A little over $5/mo. Worth every penny.
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