Leave work with two working monitors at my desk, come back the next day to one monitor and a missing HDMI cable. Find out marketing took it for a presentation, don't get it back for three weeks. Finally get it back for a day, become super happy to finally have both monitors again. Come back the next day and PM has stolen my HDMI again, no extra HDMI cables in entire office. Apparently HDMI cables are valued like gold around these parts.

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    Welcome to devRant!
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    @iAmNaN Glad to join, I've been lurking for a little while now
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    Buy like 500 super-cheap, super-short (like 3 inches or so, unusably small) HDMI cords in bulk, dump on marketing dep't head's desk. Make sure no one sees you.
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    Order a dp cable to trick them as they can't tell the difference
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    Fun fact: you can get 100 6 inch cables on eBay for $400. Good news, though: free worldwide shipping!
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    @Parzi that's expensive considering they break in a month
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    @electrineer I've never had a HDMI cable break, what kind of cheap shit you buying man.
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    @terminal434 I've only had one break, I had it plugged from a monitor on my desk to a server and a bunch of Cisco switches we had on a cart we were using for CCNA training. I moved the cart away from the desk quickly without realizing I hadn't unplugged the monitor and I sheared one of the HDMI male plugs off entirely.
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    Should always be hot spares for everything.

    I'm reminded of a place someone I knew worked that had about 300 PC's, one per desk..

    Any given day, 2 or 3 are not working, and the employee just sits around doing nothing..

    Should be say, half a dozen PC's on spare desks, all plugged in and ready to go to soak up this issue and not have unproductive hours wasted.
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    @electrineer the plan was to have them break

    better the 6" ones than this man's good one

    (plus the game of 100-cord pickup the marketing dept head would have to do as punishment for theft and causing lost productivity but y'know)
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    @electrineer obviously you need converters to HDMI both sides u.u
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