So I got the Google Foobar challenge while I was in highschool. I completed up to level 3 of it and got into contact with a recruiter. They said to contact them when I was in college. I then stopped doing the challenge due to school keeping me too busy. I've heard that level 4 is the hardest level and requires high level programming and math concepts to be able to do. Should I complete it now or wait until I have done more difficult courses in cs?

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    So I know the answers for

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    Take this is as a yes or a no, but for one of the problems I was very happy to have a copy of Stanley's "Enumerative Combinatorics" on the shelf.
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    @halfflat Sounds more like I should wait until college starts and I have access to much more resources than I do now... The only reason why I still even knew the name of that was I had a friend that was in really advanced math classes in high school that I got into python.
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