We have a list of 1.5k different dependencies for various projects. And they wanted to check if each of those deps has been approved by the management.
They have no way to automate this. (I believe there is always a way to automate any fucking thing but my pm says there is no way)
And no employee in the company was keen to do this task so they decided to give it to interns.

Now I am sitting on my table, copying each and every dep, pasting in the browser (on their portal ) and noting down if it's approved. If it's not, I have to note the latest version that had been approved.

I have been doing this from morning. 400 done. 1000 to go.


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    Be grateful you have a job, even if it's a shit one.
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    @CrazySpider first of all : it's internship.
    2nd: That doesn't make any sense

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    Automate that fucker anyway.
    Just don't share your script... well you might need to check the legalities of your internship but you might be lucky to not have the "any software you create becomes the sole ownership of <company name>"
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    @Konsole yeah why don't you automate it?
    I'm assuming a simple script that reads line by line from a file, makes a request with curl to the portal and grep to check the output?
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    @C0D4 I can't automate it. They have some internal APIs to check, which they refuse to share. And the web version portal that I am working on a wrapper above the APIs which is not restified. Can't figure out how to automate
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    This sounds like a job for selenium if it's web based 😏

    Man, I would write it for you if I could 😂
    There's nothing I hate more then a mundane task that could be automated.
    Downside to having read "automate the boring stuff".
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    @C0D4 I don't know selenium. 😣
    Though I am debating whether it will be quicker to learn selenium or do this manually
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    @Konsole if you know java or python (even at a basic level) you should be able to pick it up.

    Once you get the WebDriver working and launching a browser it's usually child's play after that.. unless the website your working with has some funky or highly dynamic content elements, then life gets difficult.
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    @Konsole If you don't know Java, then learning it to automate might take longer. How about Javascript? You an use Puppeteer with cheerio to automate this.
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    @badcoder I am know basic java. But would prefer js or python . I am much more proficient in them.
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    @Konsole then use cypress. Its much easier than selenium.
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