Why the hell there is a skype meeting with around 100 participants... And all i have to do is just connect and listen to same 2-3 persons... Repeatedly.

PS- mostly no one even listens😑

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    When I'm dragged into skype calls, I mute my mic, lower the volume to min possible so that at least I hear my name in-case I'm asked for my suggestion, and simply reply with: Please repeat to make sure I understood correctly.
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    @gitpush that's what everyone does.. I guess
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    @bugInCode I'm sure that's what they do, I doubt they can be patient lool
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    sounds like a horrible nightmare, 100 indians quareling on skype and the one that screams the loudest into the mic wins? is there a lot swearing too?
    "mind your business! mader chod!"
    And in the end nobody is wiser than before the video call? And afterwards everybody does something uncoordinated which results in total chaos and project failure?
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    @heyheni sounds like you have faced worse... My calls are not abusive atleast😂
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    @heyheni What kind of Indians have you dealt with xD
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    @exceptionalGuy the chubby alpha male mustached with gold laces straight out of a 70ties bollywood movie ones. 😆
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    @heyheni Thik hai, chalega! *head wobble* :-)
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    @Fast-Nop yi sir, thank you sir, jai hind! *head wobel* 😄
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