Why sr Devs are dicks ?

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    Thanks, you too
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    @Codex404 I know -_-
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    @Humanoid- this dick face thought he could write better node than me, the code lives in a lambda and now he is struggling because he got hit with the reality of invoking capacity limitation and his function keeps timing out on large loads.
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    Because they deal with juniors and interns.
    And management.
    And clients.
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    Because screw you, that's why.
    Get back to work.

    And have all those edge cases tested before I see you again.
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    It makes it easier to deal with jr Assholes.
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    Sr devs are human;
    humans are dicks;

    guys I found a use for prolog!
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    Because we are smarter, sexier, older, more experienced and we know just everything.
    Basically we're just the better humans, so it may look like we are dicks to others.
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    Senior devs have to deal with a lot of shit, I have seen this, they are almost like the older brother there and they paved the road you're walking on... And more often than not, younger devs chew the stones they placed so carefully... Sure at times they might come across as neurotic and treat you like a dumbarse, but at times we are all dumbarses... Rather focus on communication.. Explain to them your train of thought and why you opted for that solution. They may be dicks but they are reasonable dicks... Be mindful of the seniors.. For they have seen too many winters, my sweet summer child.
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    Because they have spent more v time this Industry. Once you became senior you will be there same. Lastly it's just that the junior devs are smaller dick.,🤣
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    Everyone is either a dick or an asshole.
    They think its better to be a dick than asshole.
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    @Root -_- edge cases my ass
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    @BluePanda it won’t -_-
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    @Rikan the only thing you were right about is older
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    @peeyush that’s wrong jr devs aren’t small dicks :)
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    I am interested in what makes a senior dev a senior?
    It's pretty easy to know what makes a junior a junior...
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