Meanwhile, VSCode users install an extension to let that insert key do what it does.

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    We do?
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    I never.
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    Of course they know better about their average user needs. It's just in case you need that thing work.

    So is there a way to achieve this without an extension (or patch)?
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    @beleg What's the prob with installing an extension?
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    @beleg I'm lost.
    Are you saying there's a plug-in for the "insert key" or complaining we can extend the text editor to do more then just open txt files?
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    @Konsole @dudeking no problems at all. People just said that they'd never do that and I thought either they might never used insert key or there might be a built-in way to do it.
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    And what is it you need an extension to do?

    And also, considering MS was building development tools years before starting with OS’es they do have a lot of experience.

    It started 1975 building a basic interpreter and development tools has always been an important component behind the more visible products.

    And VScode is extremely versatile and cross platform.
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    What's with the insert key in VSCode? 😂
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    @mt3o I have no idea
    Works fine for me

    @belog, we need an explanation
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    I don't you VSC, I'm fan of JetBrains IDEs. I don't know what i wasn't robbed of 😂
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    Oh I see it now.

    I wasn't mean to be uncomplimentary about Microsoft ‒ well I hadn't even mentioned Microsoft. Sorry if I unwillingly insulted people of certain orientation.

    @mt3o nothing. I was going to type something in overwrite mode today, because I actually needed to, and I thought it wasn't too much to ask from a text editor, besides opening files. And I was disappointed when I found out I couldn't do this in vscode until I install an extension.

    This would feel the same no matter it was Microsoft or not. I was actually felt the same with nano.
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    @beleg Ah ok :)

    Well, personally I have never ever liked overwrite mode except in the few editors that did not support text selection.

    I always either select the text to be replaced or write the new first and then erase the old and anytime it goes into overwrite mode I usually end up overwriting something I did not intend to.

    So I actually think the lack of overwrite is supposed to be an intentional feature for real ;)
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    @beleg ah hah! Now I understand your question. No, there's no need to. That's very old school. As @Voxera noted, just highlite and start typing; selected text is overwritten.
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