So friend of mine gave me a laptop because she is used to Ubuntu and wanted me to install it on her Windows 10 laptop. She also said to copy files from folder to external hard drive.

I said, sure!
So I went back home, copied all the files to my external HDD, everything copied successfully. I formated the laptop, installed the Ubuntu and set it up.
Time to move the files. I hooked up the HDD, I click on the folder... It's blank...
Okay, so I thought thats maybe Ubuntu's fault. I hooked the HDD to my brother's Windows machine, I open the folder...

"File or folder is corrupted"

Well fuck my life. 8 hours have passed since I started the file restoration tool on my computer. It says it's 16 hours to go. Luckily it restored 214 files already, so there's a hope

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    That's why I don't trust external media to "save some files after reinstall".

    1. create a partition for the data
    2. move the data
    3. confirm all the data is there
    4. wipe the old OS/data
    5. Install the new OS
    6. configure a mountpoint to mount a partition with saved data on-boot (fstab)
    7. tell your client his/shes old data is in there, let him/her move it back. wherever/however fit.

    I always avoid external media as if it were a plague... It is too unreliable.
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    @netikras I'll remember that
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    I would always try to upgrade to a new HDD and put the old one on the shelf additional to a reliable backup. With the new MacBooks the HDD is soldered to the MB :( but my TimeMachine backups were reliable for the recent 10+ years. I’m not using Apple HW for the TimeMachine backup BTW.
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    Windows has a thing for that. Specially if you copy a lot of files and eject it without safely removing it

    Don't do any writes on it. Just run a tool like Easeus Data recovery or similar. They are pretty good.

    Apparently windows flushes any pending writes / committing files to disk when you do safely remove and without doing so, your files will be present in the disk but possibly not in the hdd index.
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    @pro-grammar thank you for recommending that software. I guess I owe you a beer 😁
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    @athlon did it recover ? Share the story.
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    @pro-grammar well there was something like 5.3 GB of files, and as you know that tool has 2 GB of limit... So I got out first 2 GB easily. Then I ran the VM, cloned it before installing the EaseUs and cloned rest of 3.5 GB.
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    @athlon thats awesome! Hope all's good now.
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