This Rant is for all those toddlers like me who are exploring new places and platforms

I've worked on various platforms and interacted with various people everywhere. But believe me I've always categorised people in two : one who help and other who don't.

The one who don't help are indeed are of two types: one who know everything and want to pull you down
The other who know everything but guide you.

Most of us face the one who want to pull you down.
I'll suggest you to not get influenced by them.
They are everywhere, they might comment on my last post, they might -- my rant but still I love those who guide me.

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    Boolean type is too limited ;D
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    @milkyway Yeah, I got it🤣
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    Awesome writing skills.
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    Ya, most of them tend to stalk the stack overflow and Arch Linux communities. On stack overflow they tend to refresh their browser nonstop to see who their next victim is on a new question and then spend an abnormal amount of time searching the site for a similar question and then downvote you and report as a duplicate. “Umm ya, the question you linked is similar to mine. I found that one as well but unfortunately it wasn’t in the same environment with the same conditions that I raised and didn’t help me. Oh btw, he posted that back in 2002 and HEY LOOK, he got reported for a duplicate as well. Seems like you reported him as well.”
    The issues of arrogance and being unhelpful on that site are so vast that nobody else that registers can get enough points to be able to be allowed to answer someone else’s question so you never get any new blood.

    Arch Linux “elites” like to answer your question with a link that you’ve already been to as they always link the same site. “Dude! There’s a wiki for a fucking reason. Did you read this page?”
    Yes I did read that page and it was helpful to a degree but since I’m absolutely new to Arch, a lot of the information on the wiki is a bit too descriptive and over my head. Not to mention every paragraph links you to another wiki page which then links you to another and so on that I have no idea where I left off....
    “Dude! If you don’t understand everything on the wiki then you shouldn’t be using Arch Linux man! Gtfo scrub.”
    Took me a long time to get comfortable with Arch because of these assholes. You got to start somewhere and doing is the best way to learn.
    Reading the wiki on how to install Arch now seems so simple to me because I know what to ignore and what is required but back when I first started it was absolutely confusing.
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    @MrCush Definitely, I'll keep the hold. Thanks for sharing the experience.
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    @MrCush it's always mind blowing how people "volunteer" to help on forums and just bitch at people that aren't in their mental superiority circle jerk of fanboying.

    Like you made the choice to help. Don't bitch at me for using the platform for it's intended purpose.
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    @Stuxnet Here we go

    Literally Nobody:
    Stuxnet : Don't bitch at me....
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