Very stupid people with no github projects who are probably stuck at making wordpress sites: haha ai is just if statements

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    I wish I can destroy the upvote button. The amount of these jokes are fucking annoying and are obviously coming from people who have no experience in the area.
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    @rutee07 and it's the same two or three shitty templates passed around the circle jerk
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    Real AI is of course using switch/case.
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    I have no github projects...
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    @rutee07 40% of all European "AI startups" don't actually use AI. They just use is as buzzword to fool clueless investors. I guess that's NI because there's a sucker being born every minute.
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    @Fast-Nop Reminds me of the sales head we had breakfast with last time. He asked us for more information since he'll be attending a conference and knows that AI and ML are trigger words. We explained what we do as developers on a really dumb down and humble level and he said, "Nah, I work in sales. I can say whatever I want."
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    haha ai is just if statements
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    Please, leave your dank memes in the appropriate category 😑
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    @Fast-Nop state machine FTW!!!1q1
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    No, real AI isn't just if statements. I think everyone with half a brain knows the complexity of machine learning.

    The joke is actually aimed at all of the business bullshit products that "Integrate AI" or have "AI-Driven XYZ" and they don't actually have a single fucking thing of AI in them.
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    @AlgoRythm not ifs but a crap ton of matrices.
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