Very stupid people with no github projects who are probably stuck at making wordpress sites: haha ai is just if statements

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    @rutee07 and it's the same two or three shitty templates passed around the circle jerk
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    Real AI is of course using switch/case.
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    I have no github projects...
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    @rutee07 40% of all European "AI startups" don't actually use AI. They just use is as buzzword to fool clueless investors. I guess that's NI because there's a sucker being born every minute.
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    haha ai is just if statements
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    No, real AI isn't just if statements. I think everyone with half a brain knows the complexity of machine learning.

    The joke is actually aimed at all of the business bullshit products that "Integrate AI" or have "AI-Driven XYZ" and they don't actually have a single fucking thing of AI in them.
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    The meme is about people in marketing or in recruitement lying about the product.
    I can assure you, this is real. You wouldn’t believe what trivial „ifs” are being called „advanced AI” by marketing scumbags.

    It’s not that the „ifs” are stupid. In some cases, you can have a perfect solution derived from scientific formulas, where AI techniques are just approximations. This doesn’t sell well to the investors, even if the solution is brilliant.

    In today’s world the only thing that matters is the ability to trigger investor’s greed. Customer satisfaction? Who cares?
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