What's the difference between these two?

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    One has the word "Beta" in a black half circle, while the other does not.
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    One is "stable" the other has better console tools and closer to Chromium releasea
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    Beta is the unstable variant with newer and more often updates
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    @C0D4 Does the Android version have console tools?
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    @ScriptCoded you can access it with remote debugging, if memory serves me right.
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    @C0D4 Ahh, sounds about right
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    I use this icon to make an --no-cors --nosecure navigator during dev
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    They have an app for each release stream.

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    I think the one in beta is not fast and secure but the "other one is". 🤔🧐
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    One gets to fuck all the women, the other is a retarded incel.
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    The beta has more ways to track you and tell Google about yourself.
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    One is published by Google, the other is Malware. Which is which?? It’s Russian roulettes.
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    One just each half as much RAM as the other.
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