Masters in CS... is it worth it? What noticable differences has it made for those of you that have it? I've been thinking on it a lot recently and I am leaning towards it.

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    I was contemplating it but then I looked at the tuition and said hard pass lmao

    Nah it's not actually that bad, I'm just tired of school and don't care to go through another year or two
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    Currently an undergrad... but I’ve heard it’s really only worth it if your employers are willing to help pay tuition. It’s tough bc from the employee benefits I’ve seen you’re still expected to work full time. I’m also interested in hearing what others say though...
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    I'll let you know in about two years, signed up for masters recently (ECE not CS but eh)
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    Depends where you live I guess.
    Some countries have really cheap masters programs whereas others are crazy expensive. Also, if you can do a CO-OP while doing your masters, that can really help to offset the cost.

    Another important factor besides money is if you're eager to learn more. If you're doing this simply for money, you may end up burning out.

    **Not speaking from experience as I'm still doing undergrad, this is just what I've gathered from others**
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    i don't know, it's old game, i've played Couter Strike when i was younger, but if you want it go for 1.6 version, it's easier to master....
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