The joys of working remotely: you're on the toilet, happily dumping, with your phone in your hand. Suddenly you receive a message from your manager who wants to chat about something urgent.

How do I explain the reason why he has to wait a couple of minutes?

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    You don't. You just ignore him until you're done.
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    "Yeah sure, just hang tight for a moment while I finish shitting"
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    Come on, making I/O thread-safe via mutexes isn't rocket science.
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    you: "oh no, it seems am facing a choice. finish shiting or finish shiting on your desk?"

    boss: "YES"
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    A picture is worth a thousand words 😬
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    .... will call you in 5min? That's what I always say even If I'm not in toilet..... as I don't think there is anyone who just calls boss/co-worker suddenly after getting text.
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    You own that shit (hehe) and call them, can't you multitask? I'm sure you play on your phone on the shitter, god damn I bet you'd get a raise if he heard your hard working toot toots.

    Oh and uh, don't forget to wipe!
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