Me: Want to copy this file to another computer
Bluetooth: Use me!
Google Drive: I'm better!
USB: I can help
Network shared folder: I'm in position!

Me: Let me add it as an attachment to a new email and download it on the other computer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Smfh lmao
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    Assuming your email route allows large enough attachments..

    I hear you don't want to use cloud services if the file is in any way dodgy, as they snoop on them !
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    @gitpush You should be git pushing it and clone it on other computer.
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    In the very old days you'd have to wire up your own RS232 cable, then write the software for each side.

    One to read the file and squirt it across the serial line a single character at a time, and the other to put it all back together again the other end.

    Fun. :-)

    Part of the, unofficial stuff we learned in college..

    (Programming was forbidden..)

    Yes it was an IT course !
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    Tim Berners-Lee sheds a single tear.
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    @LOL-jOkEs especially if that file is less than 1MB why bother with other methods :P
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    I had to do this the other day, upload file onto my webserver, then connect to the wifi with the other machine and download said file from website.

    All because the bloody USB connection wouldn't connect !

    "Just plug it in and it works.."

    I think it needs XP, rather than W10..
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    Same with telegram 😁
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    🤣😂 so true
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