So, this random teen on subway asked me if it was 9GAG I was scrolling [i was on this app ofc]. I said it's better than 9GAG.
He went on like this "oh cool, does it have the the NSFW section too?"
Me: a...No, but can learn coding stuff
Him: hacking?
Me: hacking is not what you thin... [He interrupted me]
Him: Damn cool, I wanna learn hacking, it's my stop nice meeting you tell me the name of the app
Me: a...9...ha...ck, 9hack!
Him: cool, thanks. [Gets off]

(Um...Some people just don't deserve DevRant, if you know what I mean)

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    Thank you for "preserving" us.
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    I feel safe now. Thank you 😊
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    @Paramite cool, here's mine:

    #include <stdio.h>

    char msg[] = { 'N', 'S', 'F', 'W' };

    int main() {
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    @magnusi @Paramite

    var Lewd = ["N","S","F","W"]

    function getMeThoseNoooods()

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    @RobStyling neat, but is that actually unsafe? 😀
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    You wanna know what is NSFW?
    My code is NSFW.
    *drops mic*
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    <!--EyEs bUrNt yEt?-->
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    OK no indentation but still bad code
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    Dodged the bullet.
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    #include <iostream>
    #include <stdlib.h>

    using namespace std;

    int main() {

    std::string input;
    cin >> input;
    return 0;


    Unsafe enough? Or is that already considered really bad porn?
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    no NSFW? 😏
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    A guy at a coffee shop asked me a similar thing. He was sitting close by kind of leaning in behind my back.

    "What kind of Facebook is that?"
    "The good kind" - I replied with a smile.

    I think he meant to say what kind of skin are you using.
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    Hahaha made me lol with 9hack 😂
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    I feel safe now.
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    Shame, devRant could use more l33t hAx0rs
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    @JS96 someone came
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    I think if he were female you should have made an exception. There are far too little amount of female coders out there.
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    @darksideplease maybe... Naaah.

    When you think like him, female or male, you won't get the link.
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    @thedev true. But consider this: if it was just for learnInG Ze H4Xx, then he/she would become bored pretty fast. After all this is the true natural defense of devRant: only devs would use it and that is perfect. If the person was somewhat interested in the subject, he/she would pretty soon ask us how to get started with programming.
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    @darksideplease This happens to me very often. People I know or have met recently ask "How can I learn Java" or "How can I learn programming." Then they keep saying "Do you know any good tutorials on the web."

    This soon becomes a bother as the same people keep asking this year after year.

    Recently I told them all to just start writing code and stop being lazy. And to my surprise they admitted being lazy, wasting a lot of their time on games and other entertainment.

    One guy told me that if he got payed to learn he could probably do it. He actually thinks a company is going to pay him to learn html, css and js on the job, five times a day. He has no formal education in CS.

    Some of these people think they can magically learn without reading and writing code.

    I started doing this when other kids were outside playing or inside watching TV and using keyboards only for games. I keep saying sorry if I don't understand your position, I probably don't see it from your perspective.
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    @Codebeard i agree with you. Most people (including me) are lazy as fuck. I think i took 3-4 years to get fluent in python.
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    Should have given him the address to StackOverflow. Kid would have gotten ass-raped by that community. Now that would be sight worth seeing.

    Anyways, everyone knows Reddit (/r/funny, /r/memes) > 9GAG
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    @JS96 i get the reference to that one rant 🤓
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    @JS96 well hello there you sexy pcb...
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    @Codebeard human skin most likely
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    What if this kid would have been a genius programmer?
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    @darksideplease Not related. you forgot "by my side" in your profile description.

    Nice singalong btw. 😊
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    You did a good thing
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    @Paramite did you just indent with /. ?
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    Bet that kid is still single
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