So... Just overheard a conversation at an Apple store...


The customer gets furious for not getting to buy a mac pro for the price he wants and it doesn't even include the monitor there.....

C - customer, S - Sales person.

C: Hey, I've heard that apple released new home computers. May I get one?
S: Hello, they are not out yet.
C: WHAT?! How can they not be out yet? They released it like a week ago.
S: Well, they announced it, not officially released it for sale.
C: Ah, whatever. Can I pre-order it now?
S: Sure, we'll need your details and a deposit.
C: What? A deposit for what? That $1000 machine?
S: Sir, do you know the prices?
C: Of course. They have released a new machine and it will cost like previous ones - from $1000.
S: Then you might be talking about Macbook Air...
C: *Interrupts* No, I'm talking about the desktop computer, the whole box.
S: Ok... It starts at ~$6000.
C: WHAT?! It can't be... Oh well, I'll buy it. I hope it's the fully-specked one. Oh and does it come with a monitor?
S: No sir. It's the base model and it has no monitors.
C: WHAT?! How can this be?
S: You see, these are devices created for professionals. They are not for home users since our iMac line is....
C: *Interrupts again* Are you saying I'm not a professional?
S: I'm sorry but by the questions and lack of information - it seems to be true - you are not a professional.
C: FUCK YOU, I'm going to another store and they will sell it for me for $1000. What a piece of crap is this.
*Customer leaves furiously*
S: *to another S* - What is wrong with that dude? Is he high or what?
S2: *shrugs* and tells that it's the 5th time someone came to order that pc and was scared by the price.


So yeah... It's fun to see how idiots think that anything apple releases is for them... Once again I was made sure that apple fans are brainless fucks that will buy anything it produces and if that is not in the right price - they'll get furious.

ps. I own apple product, mac pro 2015. Would never buy a newer one NOR an iphone. I don't think that anyone is dumb just for buying it - people buy whatever fits their needs and that's ok but... More than we would like to admit - people buy it because it's an apple product....

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    If you made it to this point - cool.

    Now, I'd like to add a detail that would overflow the information but here, the average salary per month is around 700eur and people are still buying all the expensive shit. Even if there is an alternative - they will still choose a brand product for double the money because.... No actual reason :)
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    @potata oh god the amount of people that buy an expensive phone when they can't afford it. If they.d stop smoking for a week they'd be able to afford a smart nokia phone, new.
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    are they brain washed or something!!! there are many options......many
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    @Achi people don't care - brand is everything. Also showoff. Showoff is the key
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    @potata such headache!
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    @dontbeevil and an A+ at that
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    I'd leave it here.
    (Moli Kanda is actually a salad slicer kind of gadget used in subcontinental kitchens)
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    The first mistake here was walking into an Apple store...
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    @stingarray14 i needed an adapter, lol
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    @potata #donglelife
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    C: But I only have a grand...
    S: Sure we got it covered.
    *Switch the titanium case to plastic and sell it for 1000$
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    Fuck overprice machine
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    loved it
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    @DustInCompetent lol
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    Thing is, the $6000 dllr computer was not meant for the average user. It ain't for you, it ain't for me and it certainly is not made for anyone that bitches about the price.

    I **DO** use Macbooks, professionally and as a main driver. I have many reasons as to why I need them over your standard specked out Windows PC or Linux box(for which I also own respective machines) and don't really have a problem with them. I actually like them a lot. I also love their phones, but use Android in that area.

    If you have the money 🤷‍♂️ why not? There are many good reasons to own one.
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    @dontbeevil does it matter or would it make anyone change their mind? Cuz I really ain't for doing that. No offense.
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    Sup motherfuckers. Quick reminder that you don't downvote shit you disagree with you pussies
    >Devrant is better than reddit.
    Yeah yeah no shit we're just as bad as you can see
    Smell ya later retards
    @dfox @trogus i know you guys won't respond but either fix your shit or find someone that can do that
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    @fuck2code What happened? What was downvoted? :)
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    @potata @alexcx04 as you can see. I upvoted him so he has 0
    It's not like dfox or trogus will do anything because YoU cAnT pOlIcE oThErS
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    @fuck2code ahh, i see. Well, to be fair, you can't do anything... People will downvote for no reason forever...
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    "it's for professionals" is misleading.

    He might have been a professional wrestler.
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    @galileopy lol.. true story!
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