The bug I never fixed isn't a bug in code I wrote, but rather an OS problem I've given up on fixing.

I dual-boot Windows and Linux on my desktop PC. Every time Windows updates, it switches from grub to the Windows bootloader, making it impossible to boot into Linux. I've fixed it three times (each time requiring a different fix, from disabling fast startup to reinstalling Grub from a live USB), then gave up. My desktop PC is now a Windows machine. I'm upgrading some parts soon (including replacing my boot drive with an NVMe SSD) so I decided when I do that, I'm just going to reinstall Linux on the new drive and see how long I can last without installing Windows at all.

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    I know that problem. And I found a solution. Two hard drives. Windows overwrites only the boot section of the hard drive it is on. Bios is pointed at the other hard drive. And grub's chain loading can start windows' boot loader from another HD as well
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    @TheCommoner282 you could install Windows and Linux on the same drive but Grub on another drive. If you really want an OS drive and a data drive.
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    @Charmesal actually did that once. I put grub on a floppy drive. That was like having a physical switch between windows and Linux. Floppy in, Linux. Floppy out Windows. And it confused the hell out of my girlfriend how the whole system could be on that floppy. Also woke her up when I rebooted my computer at night.
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    Totally get that. First time it happened it took me so many hours to fix. Then I purchased an external 500gb SSD and installed Arch on that. Haven’t had a problem since but I always worry about my SSD failing from all the writes even though I made sure to reduce that on install.
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