Someone told me they identified as an apache helicopter, I responded that I prefer being an nginx helicopter

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    Well, go build a Nginx attack helicopter and I'll call you that.
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    Why is this tagged as a joke? Do you think our identification is a joke? Just because helicopters are different doesn't mean they don't have rights. This is what's wrong about society. No one respects you for who you are. Sometimes you are born in a certain way that you can't really identify with.

    How dare you tell me what to do and what I am, is it because I'm a helicopter?!
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    @rutee07 no it's because you want to be a Nginx Helicoptor, I got to draw my line of tolerance somewhere 😂
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    @C0D4 Emergerd! Are you mansplai-- I won't continue. Hahaha. 😂
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    @rutee07 🤷‍♂️sometimes you got to do
    What you got to do.
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    That was not funny my man.
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    @grumpyoldaf yes it was
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    I identify as a Network switch
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    @vocuzi I prefer being a nintendo switch
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