Interview stories. What are your funny/bizarre /success stories both as an interviewee or interviewer?

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    I was applying to a developer's position. In a tech interview I was asked to explain how would I swap values of 2 variables. I was so fucking stressed that I couldn't remember it.

    oh boy was that embarasing... And that embarasement lead to more stress. Here come the sweats here, there and everywhere! Here comes the stutters!

    Needless to say I didn't get the job :)

    Lesson learnt: do not work 2 12hour shifts in a row before a job interview ;)
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    Went for an interview, the interviewer asked, "What is programming?"
    I laughed, is that for real? The interviewer responded, yes.
    I got up and left.
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    @netikras Haha been there myself. I'm fine at them now having been on both sides of the table.

    One of my first interviews just went to complete shit I was so nervous I couldn't answer simple questions I had the answers to.

    Failed on the "What is recursion?" question, and the interview was pretty much over from that point.
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    Yeah some interviews are too simple.

    I don't want to have to write an enterprise application to get the job, but at least vet the employees to some degree, so you know you're not hiring people who are completely inapt.
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    The most awkward moment I had in an interview was this:
    HR Manager: Isn't your expected salary a bit high?
    Me: Then tell me what are the job requirements, I'm assuming they are tough ones therefore this expectation.
    HR Manager: You are not an employee here, I cannot disclose job requirements with non employees
    Me: *internal huge wtf moment* OK then, that's my expectation ....
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    I have been asked to reverse a linked list and after getting the question i was like....wow, i can do it by 2 ways at least. End when started explaining, i screwed up. I still regret as it was most probably the final round.

    Lesson: Don't get over excited.
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    I had an interview a few years ago for a dev role, I can't remember the specifics of the role anymore but the interviewer was telling me they do AGILE. And he sighed very slightly and admitted that they don't really follow it properly.

    I giggled a little bit, but was wondering what the point is? I guess they just have a different work style and agile seemed like the best (but not perfect) fit.
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