Schrödinger's warranty

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    Well, it may have a warranty then. It depends how you look at it
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    fortunately the law says(at least in my country) that if a product is not meant for consumption it has a mandatory warranty of at least 2 years even if the manufacturer and/or the seller says otherwise... so if they refuse to give you a warranty repair/replacement for something that's covered by the warranty you can sue them and be 100% sure you will win
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    There is no way to know if it has warranty unless you open it.
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    I'm reminded of 3com network cards, lifetime warranty they say..

    Except on combo cards, there the warranty only covers half the connections, not the other half..

    Plus, many lifetime warranties, don't apply if the product is second hand !

    I'm also reminded of a recent product I brought, that is experimental (Limited production run.), and as such, comes with no warranty !
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    @bytecode Won't expect less from a place that's "somewhere over the rainbow".
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    @fckIE actually Slovakia... but I live in the Czech Republic :D
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