It blows my mind that Google, advertisers, and a lot of companies seem to not understand the concept of a need fulfilled.

Google news: If you notify me of an article, and then I click on that notification, you can assume I read it. And you can also assume that I don't wish to read it again 2hrs later! So stop notifying me!!!

Amazon, AdSense, Facebook, everyone else: just because I bought new headphones, doesn't mean I wanna see ads for headphones. Actually it means the exact opposite. I don't want new headphones. I literally just bought some. And I especially don't want the exact same ones. I already have them.

Somehow, the targeted ads are worse than random. That's annoying.

How is this hard?

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    Yeah, I noticed that recently. I ordered some ear buds on Amazon. Now I have my ear buds, but Amazon is still showing ads for earbuds 3 months later...
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    Your mind looks like it is easily blown.
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    All Programmatic ads have a way of reporting you don't need it, click the button, help them improve .

    Or block them.
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    @gashadokuro i don't use facebook that much, but I know adblockplus has a fight with those ads.

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    as I ranted while ago, it occurred to me that in this way, the ad company can related your buying with all the ads you received. Even if you receive them "after".

    Like: "hey, headphones seller, look, we showed 100K ads to this guy and he bought headphones, you see? Our work is valuable, you must pay us blabla"

    Maybe just a conspiration theory of mine.
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    This concept works for consumables like clothing and shit but in all the infinite wisdom of the hoards of genius code donkeys they have locked in the basement making this shit, it seems no one has thought to categorise certain items into consumable categories. Just like repeat showing of the same article ad.. clearly no instant callback saying you’ve read it, show me a new article on the same thing instead.
    Shit cunts.
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    @mundo03 block ads on Facebook with fluff buster purity aka fb purity chrome extension on desktop.
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    like when you buy a sex doll and everyone in your local network starts getting targeted ads...
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    Google ads are closeable and you can select this doesn't interest me anymore.
    That's what I remember though because thanks to adblock I haven't seen any ads recently
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    I find it really annoying when YouTube recomends a video I have already watched
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