I couldn't resist the built-in dual displayport connectors, so I brought my laptop into the office to see the dual 4k displays on it. I will never be this productive again.

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    My lenovo dock doesn't support triple monitors :(
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    This thing has an HDMI port sitting fallow right now too. I have never seen a laptop that can natively, without docks or dongles, push to three 4K displays. Until now.
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    @bahua It's not just an alternative so that it supports HDMI or DPort? If not, that's impressive. What laptop is it?
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    It's the Oryx Pro, but I just looked at the System76 website, and they have since done a hardware refresh on the model, and it no longer has the dual DPs. Just one. So that's a bummer. This machine isn't even a year old yet though, and it absolutely screams, so I'm not upset.

    But yes, all three ports work concurrently and independently.
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