you know that feeling when have a "oh so that's how you guys do things here" moment at work... christ

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    It could be good or bad news, 96% bad
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    Is it possible to give us some context for your case?
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    I don't even understand what you just wrote there.
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    it's just... disorganization yk? shortcuts, lazy solutions to things that could escalate, management is being neglected
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    @telephantasm that moment at work when you realize things are bad and in your head a little voice says "oh no"
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    That's what I said when I first entered an all-male prison cell.
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    @darksideofyay I like your username. Sounds exactly like the rant here. 'Yay' on the outside, 'oh no' inside.
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    The moment when you quickly run the numbers in your head estimating how long do you have left to work there before quitting so you wouldn't look like someone who has trouble adapting or someone lacking will when the next employer is looking at your resume and asking "why did you quit your last workplace so fast?", and comparing to how likely or how difficult would it be to change "the way they are doing things there" so you wouldn't have to quit immediately, and trying to decide which path to choose and whether it's worth spending your time here, where they are cutting corners, because there still might be aomethibg worth learning?


    yep, been there. That's when I discovered that even bad experience is good for me, because it leaves a record in my memory for the rest of my life of how and why shouldn't I be doing things. What are the signs the made decisions put you on a slippery slope and what to do when your project is rolling smack down the hill to the almost inevidable crash.

    That made me learn the whats and whys of bad decisions.
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    @netikras I leart how to make a difference between shit and less-shit for a year
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    Lead by example, unless they make you do things their way in which case find a new job.
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    I’m with you. Actually, there’s always something new every other day that makes me have that feeling. Lol I’ve only been with them for 18 months and it’s getting to a point I’m getting affected too but I keep fighting it not be affected but then at the same time you’re like..”oh well 🤷‍♂️” cos then you become the new worker who they don’t want to share work related stuff with you cos you’re trying to do it right.
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