Who the hell named it POJO.

That "Plain Old" doesn't make sense at all. They could have just named it "JO"

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    “You expected PoJo to be your first kiss? Too bad! It was me, Rio. WRRRYYYYY”
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    Mojo Jojo
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    Actually it has sense in terms of reference to C. In Java terms data object without crap ton of interfaces is not a "good" object
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    @irene then it's a bad pojo, but still a pojo. Implementing interfaces has nothing to do with that. AFAIK
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    @Pickman oh, right. It's just a class without parent. My bad.
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    I think its because java developers are retards and always raped objects (and for that matter that translated to C# as well) by making it full of setters and getters. The whole language was designed around "fuck correct encapsulation principles, lets access everything just with a name before it" and now people complain about OOP... I wonder why?!
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    @Hazarth What other language would you recommend? Yes java is not a modern language. Yes it has it's problems.
    Which language doesn't?
    You don't hear java devs saying other languages are crap.
    I would choose a language with type safety any day over one that doesn't.
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    @Konsole dont get me wrong, Java is a good language, Im ranting about the people that use it and how they built their ecosystem based on lazyness rather than using it properly. That would be fine if it were a few devs subjectively, but Java devs are *made* to use it incorrectly and convinced its alright by all the libraries and frameworks that use it incorrectly too. The language itself us alright (tho id rather go for C# myself simply because its ahead of time compared to java in features, including null safety)
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    Don't forget Popo - Plain old php object
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    @Ederbit or poop in french?
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