Major rant incoming. Before I start ranting I’ll say that I totally respect my professor’s past. He worked on some really impressive major developments for the military and other companies a long time ago. Was made an engineering fellow at Raytheon for some GPS software he developed (or lead a team on I should say) and ended up dropping fellowship because of his health. But I’m FUCKING sick of it. So fucking fed up with my professor. This class is “Data Structures in C++” and keep in mind that I’ve been programming in C++ for almost 10 years with it being my primary and first language in OOP.

Throughout this entire class, the teacher has been making huge mistakes by saying things that aren’t right or just simply not knowing how to teach such as telling the students that “int& varOne = varTwo” was an address getting put into a variable until I corrected him about it being a reference and he proceeded to skip all reference slides or steps through sorting algorithms that are wrong or he doesn’t remember how to do it and saying, “So then it gets to this part and....it uh....does that and gets this value and so that’s how you do it *doesnt do rest of it and skips slide*”.

First presentation I did on doubly linked lists. I decided to go above and beyond and write my own code that had a menu to add, insert at position n, delete, print, etc for a doubly linked list. When I go to pull out my code he tells me that I didn’t say anything about a doubly linked list’s tail and head nodes each have a pointer pointing to null and so I was getting docked points. I told him I did actually say it and another classmate spoke up and said “Ya” and he cuts off saying, “No you didn’t”. To which I started to say I’ll show you my slides but he cut me off mid sentence and just yelled, “Nope!”. He docked me 20% and gave me a B- because of that. I had 1 slide where I had a bullet point mentioning it and 2 slides with visual models showing that the head node’s previousNode* and the tail node’s nextNode* pointed to null.

Another classmate that’s never coded in his life had screenshots of code from online (literally all his slides were a screenshot of the next part of code until it finished implementing a binary search tree) and literally read the code line by line, “class node, node pointer node, ......for int i equals zero, i is less than tree dot length er length of tree that is, um i plus plus.....”
Professor yelled at him like 4 times about reading directly from slide and not saying what the code does and he would reply with, “Yes sir” and then continue to read again because there was nothing else he could do.

Ya, he got the same grade as me.

Today I had my second and final presentation. I did it on “Separate Chaining”, a hashing collision resolution. This time I said fuck writing my own code, he didn’t give two shits last time when everyone else just screenshot online example code but me so I decided I’d focus on the PowerPoint and amp it up with animations on models I made with the shapes in PowerPoint. Get 2 slides in and he goes,
Prof: Stop! Go back one slide.
Me: Uh alright, *click*
(Slide showing the 3 collision resolutions: Open Addressing, Separate Chaining, and Re-Hashing)
Prof: Aren’t you forgetting something?
Me: ....Not that I know of sir
Prof: I see Open addressing, also called Open Hashing, but where’s Closed Hashing?
Me: I believe that’s what Seperate Chaining is sir
Prof: No
Me: I’m pretty sure it is
*Class nods and agrees*
Prof: Oh never mind, I didn’t see it right

Get another 4 slides in before:
Prof: Stop! Go back one slide
Me: .......alright *click*
(Professor loses train of thought? Doesn’t mention anything about this slide)
Prof: I er....um, I don’t understand why you decided not to mention the other, er, other types of Chaining. I thought you were going to back on that slide with all the squares (model of hash table with animations moving things around to visualize inserting a value with a collision that I spent hours on) but you didn’t.
(I haven’t finished the second half of my presentation yet you fuck! What if I had it there?)
Me: I never saw anything on any other types of Chaining professor
Prof: I’m pretty sure there’s one that I think combines Open Addressing and Separate Chaining
Me: That doesn’t make sense sir. *explanation why* I did a lot of research and I never saw any other.
Prof: There are, you should have included them.
(I check after I finish. Google comes up with no other Chaining collision resolution)

He docks me 20% and gives me a B- AGAIN! Both presentation grades have feedback saying, “MrCush, I won’t go into the issues we discussed but overall not bad”.

Thanks for being so specific on a whole 20% deduction prick! Oh wait, is it because you don’t have specifics?
Bye 3.8 GPA

Is it me or does he have something against me?

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    This professor sounds like a cunty person.
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    In your defense you are 100% correct and you should not be limited to one thing, but given the option to do what is best.

    In his defense, that's life, when you start working you will see lots of people that will force their own bad stupid solutions and management just accept it, you need to work on your flexibility skills by either:
    1. Do what they say without arguments
    2. Do it your way but when you agree, on their discussion make sure your way can be achieved with the given timeline.

    Don't expect at work that you are always given 100% freedom of doing things your way
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    And for similar reasons I rage-quitted school 3 times in my life.
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    @gitpush lol, the difference here is that I'm paying an outrageous amount of money for this "education" that I'm not receiving as well as getting a shit grade because of some personal agenda.

    I've been working since I was 15, worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years serving all manner of assholes. I believe I've definitely gone through the, "my boss(the customer) is a POS and life's not fucking fair" period. I've been working at this internship of mine for almost a year now as well so I have seen how shit hits the fan here in software development as well.

    Again, the point I'm making is, this is my education that I'm paying for! So I have a right to be graded fairly, and if not, to complain, bitch, moan, etc. And this professor can fucking go to hell for all I care. Just because you have a good job history does not mean you can teach. Universities need to get that through that fucking heads.
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    @MrCush I understand your point it is frustrating unfortunately :\
    Hope you get what you deserve eventually :D
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    @gitpush Thanks. To completely prove my point on him having something against me and taking it out on my grade:

    I just received my attendance and participation grade. He told the class this was a gimme. Said if you got an 85% for attendance and you participated well that it was an easy 100%. If you got a 60% in attendance and participated well you’d get around an 80%.

    I’m literally the most active in the class along with one other person. To the point where when he asks a question, he says that I can’t answer because he wants someone else to try. I’ve missed two classes the entire time. 11 week class with 2 classes a week. Doing the math, there’s no way I could get less than 90% for attendance and with participation was an easy 100%.

    He gave me an 82%............
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    @MrCush I hate it when people act like this, let's hope things end the way you want (apparently not this one :\)
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