Startup rant ---

John and Bob joined a startup at the same day but they were in two different offices.

John joined the US office while Bob joined the European office (let's not share the country here ;) )
Both of them worked really hard, they worked longer hours, showed result and helped the startup to reach and get Serie A funds.

That seems good no? But let's step back, John was promoted twice and get more perks while Bob got only a salary raise that aligned him with the current market.

There are different reasons for this but the most important one is that the company is having two different cultures for the two offices.

What's funny here is that Bob effort is well known across the two offices and his contribution has made a huge difference to the company but unfortunately he wasn't rewarded for it.

So Bob opened a new window not in his office but in his browser to find better opportunities.

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    Typical life, good thing that new tab is now open :)
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    Yeah, a lot of middle/south European companies have this kind of problems.

    They don't think so put golden handcuff to high-value profiles. Or give them space to grow. In France, if you want to go up in the corporate ladder, with all the benefits, you won't be able to stay in the same company.

    Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany even Holland for what I know. And it's so fucking stupid!!!
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    @jotamontecino well said!

    The issue here they don't consider it a problem instead they brag by saying that our culture is more relaxed, people here enjoy the process and don't rush for success (and all that media stuff).

    Another result of this culture, I noticed is that there is literally no difference between top performers and low performers when it comes to recognition or rewards.
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    @justDeployIt well, having known both at management level I have to say that, there is less bad stress in Europe. But then really struggle to create good stress!!

    I often found myself thinking that they know how to be a boss but have no clue on how to be a leader!!!

    It's so freaking weird.

    That being said, people really idolize US IT companies!! Like every company is like high-value teams at Google. Not true!! There is a reason why Dilbert was created n the US.
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