How Google loost its data Monopoly-

Step 1- US bans Huawei

Step 2- Google Bans Huawei

Step 3- China Gov helps Huawei get back on its feet

Step 4- Huawei makes their own OS to rival Google, the OS can run Android apps as well as IoS apps and has its own language/framework for developing new apps

Step 5- China bans Google from their market

Step 6- Chinese mobile manufacturers adopt the new OS

Step 7- China's population starts using the new OS i.e. country with the world's largest population starts using the new OS

Step 8- Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and OnePlus who already own approx 40% of India's smartphone market start distributing the new OS based phones in India. Factors like cheaper devices take this market share to 50%+

Step 9- Cry, cause the new OS is now being used by approximately 30% of the world's population.

Yeah, bring your hate in the comments but come back and talk to me in August 2022...

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    Will come back in 2022 to laugh at you.
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    @Alice China will probably have censored this post until then.
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    it's not quite that simple unfortunately. The move is a gamble sure, but the general idea with all of it (not just this 1 play) is to get US consumers to spend money on US merchandise so that the money they make goes back into the US economy where it is passed up the ladder to the big investors who then spend it on innovation(ideally) and new products.

    Otherwise the US dollar gets exchanged overseas and goes into the pockets of investors outside of the US and they in turn bring the new products and innovations pushing US companies further down the ladder.

    This also keeps US startups and indies from gaining on the US corp b/c if we can't buy overseas to save a buck, then at some point somewhere, we're buying material from a us corp with diversified stock options.

    The flipside of that is that while indies don't gain any ground on their US comp, on the international stage, both parties gain in overall wealth because the scale which the play on increases as a whole
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    @RantSomeWhere and forced Huawei to only show the real 7 websites of the cww.
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    @Alice by that time, Tencent will probably have acquired HexicalLabs. All devranters migrate to WeChat.
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    @RantSomeWhere which then gets bought by Google, resulting in Google getting back to the asian market, forbidding Huawei to run their apps, resulting in a major breakdown of every third asian person with an internet connection.
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    Everyone will forget about it until September.
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    China already banned google.
    Ok, they are not banned but blocked...
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    I doubt that iOS applications will run on Huawei as this alone certainly violates some EULA and having an iOS container on their OS will definitely too.
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    As if Google and Apple wont make any new stuff in 3 years time.

    Also, China is not one big heterogeneous block. There is plenty of rivalry in China alone between the 5 regions (Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Tibet (Xizang) and Xinjiang) and also the coastal regions, among them Guandong and Shanghai.

    I believe in the US, its people, its ideals, and its capital, even during hard times. I think they will prevail despite the current toxic political and cultural climate.
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    @RantSomeWhere there would be a new WeRant
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    Trump is like messing up with the whole world.
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    Yeah, I agree with possum that Step 4 already breaks the chain. It's not nearly as easy as one might think to make applications designed for another OS run on your OS. Especially with a more closed system such as iOS.

    For Android, I can see it if we're talking mostly about an android clone of sorts, but iOS?

    It's also not neccessary. Look how western gaming developers are flogging to the profitable chinese market, if they can establish their own OS in china alone, chances are that it's Apple and Android which need to worry about making themselves compatible.

    But my assessment would rather be that the ban is lifted at some point and everything proceeds as usual.
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    Fucking Trump Eh
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    @Alice ... and we’ve gone full circle
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    @perix4 wtf are you talking about?
    Do you have TDS as well? I hope they find a cure soon.
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    August 2022? I can't wait that long! I will have bough at least 3 new phones until then.
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    Well there will probably be google Fuchsia soon since the fallout with the java lawsuit. But anyway, hauwei will still be able to use android, they wont however be able to use the playstore, so they simply need to make their own. Quite a lot simpler than a new os, and with a big wechat market already there, they simply need to integrate that with android and replace the playstore. Hardly a death sentence...
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    Okay bois, step 4 is halfway done, Huawei has patented Ark OS, which reportedly has better performance than Android and can run android apps.
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