Looks like my macbook air is dead. Screen went black just like that after I logged in.

My life is kinda ruined if I can't recover the data.

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    Hence, backups.

    And backups of backups.

    And backups of backups of backups.

    Oh! and did I forget to mention more backups?
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    your fault for using a mac
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    Just take out the drive
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    @irene I think i had the drive encrypted using file vault. I hope it will be possible to decrypt just by using the login password on a windows or ubuntu.
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    If you can't afford to lose some data, make backups.
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    You can probably recover the data. Consult Louis Rossman.
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    Lol, mandatory trigger-happy comments in Apple related topic also at present.

    "Ya degenerate cunt! You asked yourself only the baddest of the bad with your stupid overpriced piece of crap. Ya totally deserve loss of money stolen by arrogant big corp because you are stupid and you deserve loss of that data too because you are fool.
    It serves you!"
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    @rendezvous i tried the guides I found online, but didn't have any progress.

    Finally gave it to a local "unauthorised" service centre which had good reviews.

    The nearest apple "authorised" service centre is like 3 hrs away and it doesn't help that reviews on them are pathetic.

    I hope the "Right to repair" wins all over the world.
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    So it turns out it was liquid damage. Motherboard was short circuited and the track pad had gone bust.

    I remember accidentally spilling water on the track pad about a week ago. I'm pretty sure that was not my first time spilling water on that macbook.

    Good news is, I'll have my macbook air repaired by tomorrow evening and it's gonna be ~$150. I'm genuinely happy to pay the price for their service. Better and faster than I anticipated.
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    Had this happen on a Mac Pro. Super cunty problem that was...
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    @HoloDreamer is that official repair or a third party? The price doesn't sound bad.
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    @electrineer third party. It seems authorized resellers in the area are bringing phones here to repair. Owner asked me if i had a referral.
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    @LOL-jOkEs Is speaking like that a thing now?
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    @TheCommoner282 she's kinda in coma now.

    Paid 150 some bucks to get it repaired and boot again. But the fan is running at full speed, SMC reset didn't do shit. Turns out audio is not working anymore, internal speaker does not exist and even heaphones are not detected either.

    No big deal. I thought I could atleast use it exclusively for programming. But the system has significantly became slower. And now battery is not charging either.

    I'm past the grieving stage now. I'm glad I bought a new laptop.
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