Thank god for Linux subsystem for Windows. It's like island of sanity at sea of madness...

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    Why? Why is everyone so negative about Windows? On the server site I like Linux more and on the client side Windows. Both have pro and cons but Windows is no madness...
    Not anymore. Windows 95 was a madness. But today... Windows is very stable and very user friendly.
    My only wish from a programmers point of view would be a case sensitive enabled for filenames.
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    I can empathise. When I moved from Linux to windows, I felt it was an island of sanity too.
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    @Ubergeek As far as I can remember you can enable it via Registry or the linux subsystem
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    @Ubergeek I was like that for a while. I had moved to Linux and eventually Arch with i3wm. Spent hundreds of hours customizing my system. Whenever I had to login to Windows to use an application I would foam out the mouth every time notification popups would go off and applications would auto start even after turning auto start off, the fact that I couldn’t alternate between window tiles or other desktop screens, my thousands of hit keys didn’t work, etc.

    But about 2 months ago I had to start developing in visual studio because getting asp.net core mvc to run smoothly in Arch using Sublime Text was not working out.

    I started primarily using Windows again because I was spending all my time learning this framework. Then I realized how much I missed things like intellisense, one click installs, not having to configure the shit out of an application to make it look alright in 4k, being able to print by simply connecting to WiFi (holy fuck printing in Arch is a nightmare), and the list goes on.

    They both have their niches. Wish I could have the best of both worlds.
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    @Ubergeek My experience with Windows is rather unbalanced. I am working on Windows at work, Linux at home (but for CAD I have VM there as well). But what grinds my gear is for example inability of system to remember where that bloody bar should be - it just defaults to bottom edge on one of my monitors after reconnecting to docking station. Or windows itself are misplaced instead getting back where they was before. Whole Windows Store thing works eventually but it reports 0% and calculating for eternity and then it is suddenly done. This kind of stuff. Not mentioning inability to get to home directory differently than thru c://users...
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