Nice responsive design xD

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    On the edge of media queries perhaps?
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    @dfox be like "this is fine"
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    @Frederick well it wouldn't be as funny if is said

    @trogus be like "this is fine"

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    clear: both;
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    * {

    display: flex;

    fuck: off;

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    I strongly believe this app was not developed by dfox and trogus alone.

    There is something bigger at play. It is technically impossible to build and run a gig on this scale.

    Call me whatever or downvote me. But I can see some good devs here and they are barely able to complete a side project, let alone dedicatedly run it full time alongside constant improvements.
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    @Floydian I honestly don't remember when the last improvement was made :/ the character builder in the Web version still says 2015.
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    @Floydian oh it's possible, just time consuming and bug-filled :)
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    @trogus agreed but I am sceptical.
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    @Floydian I’d believe it. I’ve been here since the early days and it was much simpler then. My mate and I basically built the exact same thing called BevRant for hospo workers just for shits and giggles and it wasn’t too difficult. Over time they’ve just consistently added little by little in a pretty methodical way along with introducing the supporter $$ and selling more goodies to keep it running and the community making a desktop version a while ago or something along those lines. Seemed to be pretty self sustaining from early on. 👌🏼
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    @Floydian I can see where you're coming from, but as much as I love the platform, it is buggy as all fuck, (looking at you, Android app)
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    Charge your device omg
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    @retnikt it might be buggy. Absolutely no doubt about it.

    However, the fact that there are so many features well designed and built on web, Android and iOS all by same guy makes me wonder.
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    @Floydian hmmm. Do you know they built the apps with Appcelerator Titanium instead of native, which requires much less dev time?
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    @retnikt no I don't know about that.
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    Charge your shit you fuck
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