Got to love outlook as desktop email client.

Reply to email-> freeze computer for between 10-10,000 seconds.

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    Why are you using outlook? This pisses me off. Outlook sucks. We all know this.

    Save yourself and use something else ffs.
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    @grumpyoldaf you can take that up with the USG
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    I don't think its Outlook that is doing that. What version are you using? On what OS?
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    @iAmNaN it’s whatever version of win10 and outlook the government uses.
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    @jeeper I weep for you then
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    Outlook, especially the newest version, is pretty nimble. My guess is that since you are working on a government system, they probably have some sort of wonky security software in the middle. We have to use it where I work, and it's pretty instantaneous. Of course, it could be cheap hardware with minimum specs, too.
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    @iAmNaN probably all of the above.
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    I hate when devs don't fix bugged shit like this the first time they encounter it.

    Write. Compile. Test. Fix. Repeat.

    Five simple steps. And yet so many just

    "Write Compile. Repeat."
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