Proud to say that I've graduated with a first class degree! Going to start my graduate job soon, would appreciate any advice as I have no idea how to tackle it or what to do.

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    Advice #1: do not expect to be the smart one just because you have graduated oh so brilliantly. You know the theory, but you don't have the experience. There will be many other specialists who have not graduated [nor are willing to] and are much better in the field than you are
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    Don't loose hope, try your best, run towards your dreams!
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    @netikras yep, I definitely expect that. Is it considered annoying if I ask for their advice on different matters and might show me as a weak individual or would it be good?
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    @thesagya that's the plan! I'm pretty mentally weak compared to others (no condition, just take ages to understand stuff) so I really hope I don't show myself as a nuisance
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    Just be yourself
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    @pandasama don't be annoying. It's better to ask if in doubt than just assume. As a junior you are expected to use all your resources to learn and advance. Docs, confluence, google, so,.. If still not clear - ask coleagues. Make sure you don't have to ask the same thing twice [ie make notes and use them] - that's the most annoying thing. I used to be asked for the same things over and over again to the point I could answer with the exact line no in their notepads with the answer, noted down last time.
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    @netikras emails for the win? :p
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