How machine learning works

Interviewer: What's your biggest strength?

Me: I'm fast learner.

Interviewer: What's 11 * 11

Me: 65

Interviewer: not even close. It's 121

Me: It's 121

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    Then it goes out and comes back and asks if 11*11 is 98. Then comes back with a 58. And literally repeats this about a bijillion times.
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    @NoMad I hope a bijillion is not too big a number. :) If it isn't, we can probably live with the inefficiencies for now.
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    @gtexx trust me, the issue is not the bijillion, it is the fact that your tools hang and take forever to do a minimal task.

    I just wasted two days training a piece of shit so don't talk to me about tensorflow or have a fire extinguisher at hand.
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    @NoMad Haha. Sorry. I won't get you started on that.

    What went wrong? Or, is that a button I don't wanna press?
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    @gtexx don't press.

    But if you must know, find a few comments here.

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    @NoMad "I just wasted two days training a piece of shit" ~ my parents
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    I've seen this on twitter lately. I look at your post and see you don't credit the original author, heck you don't even change the fucking numbers.

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    @Humanoid- how do you know it wasn't him who posted it on Twitter?
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    @NoMad Good question. I don't know but it's highly unlikely.

    Original tweet: https://twitter.com/OneDevloperArmy...
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