Why is it the case that people who use Linux come across like arrrogant snobby cunts compared to ones who use Mac OS and Windows?

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    Mac users are arrogant about the design.
    Linux users are arrogant about the software
    Gamers are arrogant about the hardware
    Windows users are arrogant about their stupidity

    Know the difference, look at the wider view, don't be biased
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    @mundo03 so what you're saying is:

    I hate design, software, hardware and I'm stupid.

    Well now I have something to be arrogant about.
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    Read the man!
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    Probably because we kept telling people to use linux, which Is reliable, easy to use, customizable and free since forever. And now that they are using windows that spies on them and mac that wants 999$ for a vesa adapter we can say "we told you so". But thats only to another developer, I wouldnt really expect normies to get into it
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    It's easy for them to be like that. It's pretty much the same with religion. In the first place people do stuff for the ++ points rather than for the experience of doing the thing, once they got the points, that means they were right. Enough idiots pat each others back, 1+1 can become 3. Now what do you think such a person will do when faced with either read a 1000+ pages technical docs or just saying Microsoft sucks. In my experience they mostly don't even know Linux that well - e.g. LFS project, that won't teach you Linux, that will teach to follow a book like an idiot. Without the book it gets significantly harder, but it actually makes sense. It is wrong to discriminate everyone based on the idiots, so, sorry to those reading who actually know how the thing works or those who don't insult other peoples' work.
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    @C0D4 only a sith on absolutes talks
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    Have you never met an arrogant, snobby Mac user? Wow. Every Mac user I talk to is at least a little bit arrogant about it. Some Linux users are the same way. I think the main reason why Windows users don't act the same way is because they have nothing to prove. Windows has such a huge market share that they don't care about it.
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    Who gives a shit about Windows or Mac OS, now pass me the champagne Jeeves! 🤵
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    @M1sf3t I was exaggerating a bit when I said "every Mac user", but I do think that a large proportion of Mac users are a bit elitist about it.
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