Root: Fleshes out missing data in some factories. Tests affected code and finds the change breaks some specs (but shouldn’t).

Root: Reaches out to spec author.

Root: Messages thundercunt (the ticket’s code reviewer) on slack about the specs and the reaching out. No response.

Root: Works on another ticket while blocked.

Root: Logs off.

Root: Talks with spec author chick in the morning. Decide to pair on specs later.

TC: Still no slack response.

Root: Gives update in standup. Mentions factories and broken specs. Mentions pairing with spec chick.

TC: Still no slack response.

Root: Pulled off tickets in favor of prod issue. Gets ignored by everyone else diagnosing prod issue. Investigates prod issue by herself. Discovers prod issue isn’t from bad code, but bad requirements — code works as requested. Communicates this with details. Gets ignored by people still diagnosing prod issue. Tries again. Gets ignored. Gives up. Works on non-blocked tickets instead.

TC: Still no slack response.

Hours later:

TC: Comments on PR telling me I broke specs (how did I not notice?), that I need to reach out to spec chick and work with her, and that I can’t resolve the ticket until it’s fixed and passes code review.

TC: Still no slack response. (21 hours later at this point)

TC: Logs off. Still no response (25 hours at this point)


Ignoring the prod issue for the moment…

I broke specs. No shit.
I need to talk with spec chick. No shit.
I can’t resolve the ticket. No shit!

Bitch, I told you all of this 21 fucking hours prior, and again 3 hours prior during standup. But no, I clearly “don’t communicate” and obviously have no bloody clue what I’m doing, either, so I need everything spelled out for me.

And no, I didn’t resolve the fucking ticket. Why the fuck would I if it still has pending changes? Do you even check? Ugh!

And what the fuck with that prod issue? I’m literally giving you the answer. fucking listen! Stupid cunts.

Why is it all of the women I work with are useless or freaking awful people? Don’t get me wrong, many of the men are, too, but I swear it’s every single one of the women. (Am I awful, too?)

Just. Ugh.
I can’t wait to leave this sewer of a company.

Oddly still a good day, though. Probably because I talked to recruiters and sent out my resume again.

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    Damn, sounds like a fun env to be in..

    'Thundercunt' lmao
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    @ElectroArchiver it so isn’t.

    And yeah, I kinda feel bad for calling her that? But it’s so fitting…
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    I think you'd get upvoted to the sky even if you posted a rant with a dot 😁
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    Thundercunt is a hilarious name! But her actions or non-actions sound horribly incompetent.
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    Honestly, that seems like purpose.

    Thought this on a few other rants, too.

    The good old "cold shoulder" tactic to force someone to resign.

    Just wish you could burn that place down tho.

    Seems like a cesspool of fuckwads.
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    Thunder, thunder
    thunder, Thundercunts, ho'!

    Are on the move
    Thundercunts are loose.
    Feel the magic
    Hear the roar
    Thundercuts are loose.
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    Yes, you are awful too. Every human is. But otherwise, you just seem to be unlucky. I met competent women at workplaces and i experienced shittons of miscommunication from men and women and myself without seeing a clear trend. It isn't even more cyclical with women than with men. Human communication is just lossy and error-prone in general. Also some pairs of humans are more compatible with eachother than others.

    Just try to add more "told you so" and "no shit sherlock" in your responses to make you feel like being part the solution. And repeat and rerequest information as needed to actually be part the solution. When everyone is stressed out all the time for the shittiest of reasons, you just have to accept, that they often don't hear you or don't understand you. Imagine working with a bunch of chicken who just saw a fox...

    Keep calm and carry on.
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    Root's adventures in a nutshell:
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    I admire your tenacity. I would have probably exploded and made somewhat of a scene exposing all of the bullshit you are going through. Some things simply cannot be tolerated, no one should be treated as such
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    @Oktokolo “I realize you must be so busy that my slack messages are getting buried. I’ll start sending you reminders every four hours until you respond! No need to thank me.”
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    @jeeper Almost. Make it once per day for actually important blockers, once a week max for other blockers, once every few months for regular still non-critical but somewhat required maintenance that has been neglected (including compliance shit, nobody actually cares about but may not accumulate to the point where it becomes dangerous). And of course don't remind anyone until preaknowledged schedules have been neglected.

    Humans forget things. Reminders don't have to be bad. In a WFH environment without unneccessary meetings, they can be used to asynchronously remind people of tasks that have to be done - like updating taxation formula parameters before the next year becomes the current year.

    And it goes both ways: You should also remind your manager about things that you can't or aren't allowed to do but have to be done, but somehow seem to have been forgotten.
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    Yes it's annoying when people ignore major issues. What I try to do is escalate on email little by little and then say it's gonna affect customers and make the company loose money, roughly speaking.

    Then someone in management wakes up and pushes on the slackers to do their job... hopefully.

    If that does not work, well I guess you can fill the codebase with easter eggs for shit and giggles until you find a new job.
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    I guess this is the case for women:
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    @h4xx3r That has been my experience with women in tech, too.

    Many of them are airheads who get by on looks, drama, and cheating. Some are decent but lazy. A precious few are amazing.

    But for the best devs, i think it’s about even, honestly, given the percentages in the field? There are fewer female developers, so there are fewer amazing female developers, but the aptitude is there for those who want to work for it.

    Another thing she’s right about is very few female developers stay late to keep working on projects or learn something new. It happens, but nowhere near as often.

    tl;dr if you want to be good at something, you have to work at it, and a lot.

    I have noticed that women tend to comment their code significantly better. I could get into why I think that is, but i won’t.

    But whatever, none of this really matters. Hire whoever best meshes with the team and has the best skills.

    And as a dev: work to improve yourself. It’s fun, anyway.
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    Well. In the end, looks can only take you that far.

    Which is imho one of the reasons some women (and men) get their jobs despite being completely unfit for it.

    That's at least my personal opinion.

    I'd add to @Root s comment: Or whoever is worth your time.

    Sometimes you just have these raw diamonds sitting in an recruitment talk where your instinct tells you that with a bit of effort you can create an genius.

    ... This applies interestingly in my memory to a larger part to woman, which I would contribute to our society / mentality. Some just need to get a lil "push over the edge" as they just don't realize how good they're - or how wrong they're for the job they chose, which is easily fixable by just putting them on the right one.
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