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jase, is that you?

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    When there's more JaSe accounts per day then legit nooblets 😞

    JaSe gone and ruined it
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    @C0D4 thst is why i tell people to stop encouraging negative behavior
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    @AleCx04 i don't even ++ him anymore.

    Compete waste of time, since a few hours later it's gone and a new JaSe is spawned.

    It was bad enough when he was doing it monthly, the guy seems to have commitment problems.
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    @C0D4 commitment? Bro those are grade A attention problems. I hate attention seeking people.
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    @AleCx04 well this is uncomfortably awkward, I'll see my self out. 😞

    Haha, I get what you mean, the first few months were ok..., sure something different, but now it's almost fetish like.
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    @AleCx04 just like the mikehok fucker.

    Dude's like a damn Instagram thot begging for attention
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    @C0D4 I don’t know man.. your latest ++ grab with each other was pretty attention seeking. You guys are no better than him at times so just chill. I hardly ever see his posts anymore and when I do they just blend in with a tonne of other low quality dribble that’s on here. There’s a lot of good stuff and a lot of shit on here now.. it is what it is and we have a fuck tonne of personalities here. Some we love and some we really don’t care for but let’s not get caught up fixating on one or two.

    ++ for ‘nooblets’ though. 😂
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    @badcopnodonuts that was an experiment that escalated more then we had imagined 😂

    Plus I don't delete my account every day.
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    @Stuxnet i can't stand that dude most of the time. In my head I see him as the lord shitposter
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