Okay so I just watched captain marvel (after infinity war and endgame) and I learned that captain marvel got her powers from the tesseract, which is the power stone.

Thanos destroyed all of the stones.

Captain marvel retained her powers??


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    If something was infused before the time was destroyed, it will retain its properties.

    e.g. Think about the tea bag.

    "And that kids, is how we proved Captain Marvel is just a bowl of hit water."
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    I'm with @Jilano on this one.

    If it occurred before it was destroyed, then the timeline sticks.
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    Answering your question with a question or two of my own.

    How does Hulk "Hulk up" if the radiation that originally created him is long gone?

    Or in another example with the stones, why would Scarlett Witch still have her power gained from the Scepter(mind stone)?

    Seems pretty consistent to me.
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    The Tesseract is the Space-Stone.
    The Orb is the Power-Stone.
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    It's SciFi. Who cares about logic?
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    @DataJockey It's pretty important for sci-fi, fantasy, etc. to be believable. If not, people wouldn't get immersed into it, resulting in a loss.
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    As much as I enjoyed Endgame, other Avengers and Marvel movies, at the end of the day they’re just movies and none of them makes sense. I could care less about which stone is which and what it does. Just pure entertainment. 😂😁
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    That Thanos punch tho.. ❤️
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    End Game was littered with issues.
    The biggest one was continuity one.
    Other major plot holes...

    Seriously. I expected better.
    All the hype.
    Marvel really let me down.
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