I have now turned the name board in my cubicle to hide my name.

Why you ask? Not because I don't like my name, or dislike my name board (there's this little design on it which is just delightful).

It is to make it a bit more difficult for new morons who don't know who I am or where I sit. Can't do much more than that because I have a desktop.

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    So do we. But that portal has been broken for like a few months now. (:
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    Isnt it a gdpr thing that you cant do that?
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    @Gregozor2121 wouldn't that only violate GDPR if it's exposed to the general public AND there's no way to opt-out?
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    @parzi GDPR doesn't work like that.

    And if one would try to take GDPR in account there, your opt-out would be resigning from your job.
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    @acelan oh. I'm unfamiliar with GDPR.
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