Program manager who handles scrum of scrums asked our scrum master to slow down. Our velocity and quality is making other teams look bad...
The problem is, no one from other team wants to learn anything from us on automation/cicd. They are good even though manual.

Not sure what to do. Biz is happy with us...

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    keep the pace, use the free time to help the others to increase the velocity?
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    @heyheni yeah. Socialize the best practices
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    Sounds like bad internal politics.

    There are only two options
    Either there are differences accounting for different speed or they deserve to look bad.

    And in the first case the solution it to explain the differences to any one that questions it.
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    @Voxera true before as story points measurement differed but now it's standardised. Just that xp/cicd/test-auto we follow r not even present across the org
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    The others can't be that good if they're not willing to learn...
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    No wonder that small companies and startups out-pace and out-innovate the large ones.
    "Don't do your job well, you'll make the stupid people look stupid" well duh. Maybe help them improve? But sure, "become mediocre" sounds totally reasonable.
    Stuff like this never ceases to amaze me.
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