"What if you get hit by a bus..??"

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    you get hit by electricity? 😟
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    "Then you're screwed, unless you give me the time and resource to write good, clean, tested, and well documented code of course."
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    hitByBus() ? die() : live();
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    Then my last thought will be for my orphaned project.
    And my last words an uncontrolled cackle.
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    "Nobody is going to be hit by bus. Of course not. Why would anyone say such an absurd thing"
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    You‘re referring bus factor ?
    I hope customer will manage to find people that would understand that monster I build solo in the last 3 years.

    So let’s hope it won’t happen.
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    Oh well.
    Time to begin again.
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    Since bus is mentioned here, I wanted to share video of a bus incident that happened yesterday: https://twitter.com/meghakaveri/...
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