Quit a shitty gig finally. Today is first day waking up and not having to turn up for this shit. There are so many mixed feelings I don’t even.


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    Will you change your username when you're no longer grumpy?
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    @ihatecomputers I might. Life seems much more pleasant and it feels like I can see everything a lil more clearer.
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    @grumpyoldaf Seriously though, that's awesome. I hope I'll be in your shoes after next summer ✌️😌
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    @ihatecomputers oh fuck wish you the best my man. I hope you don’t get shit wear you out meanwhile. Good luck!
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    What was the shittiest part of the gig, the thing that you're most thankful for not having to deal with?
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    Why is it, that when I have to take a shit I always have to piss but not the other way around?
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    @jdebs Most development was done working in a VM in another time zone. Everything was slow as fuck and the font rendering was always fucky. Thank god I don’t have to deal with that shit anymore.
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    @JFK422 I’ve taken a shit when I wanted to piss. Keep trying.
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