During a heat wave, the basement is the place to be when you don't have air conditionning.

I got to code in a huge basement (formerly a dance room) with lots of couchs, and a nearby Wifi repeater.

And since it's the basement with no elevator, no one disturb me.

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    So you can dance whild you code? Amazing :D
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    What if i neither have A.C. nor a basement?
  • 5
    @metamourge Then you suffocate and die like the rest of the world!
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    At my old place I sat in the server room since that one was cooled better than the rest of the building :)
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    I hate how hot it is these days. I went out for five minutes this afternoon and my hair was so hot, it felt like newly ironed clothes. I don't have a basement but it might as well be hell.
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    There are 0 basements within 10km around my house.
  • 1
    @leduyquang753 There are 0km within 10 basements of my house.
  • 2
    @-AJ- There are 0km of 10 basements within my house.
  • 2
    @Root There are 0 basement within my 10km house.
  • 0
    @-AJ- there are Exception: Can not find property distance of null km within 10 basements of my house
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