Is anyone here with ASD? How are you cope with communication with colleagues? At the moment I'm junior dev and need ask and discuss more, but it's difficult to explain what I mean and make correct questions

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    Do you mean Attention Deficit Syndrome?

    So... Without a kanban board i'm lost.
    keeping track of my tasks and what I want to ask helps me. Also drawing the problem visually on paper is a great way to make others understand.

    Kanban / project management tool that i use.

    and if your on a mac by any chance, a great tool to visualize complex topics is Mindnode. It's a great fit for the jumpy and interconnected network thinking that people with ADS posses.

    if not, you can do that too with www.draw.io

    also learn about UML or Mermaid to draw flow diagramms https://mermaidjs.github.io

    also an ipad with pencil can help to visualize things
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    @heyheni could be Autism?
    @ZenboJ which ASD are you referring to? plenty to pick from, and i dont think "Australian Signals Directorate" is the right result
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    @C0D4 yes i've googled it now and it's indeed Autism Spectrum Disorder. As Asperger was a Nazi who killed disabled people in sadistic experiments it was recently renamed to ASD as there is a broad spectrum on autism.
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    I mean Autism Spectrum Disorder, but thank you very much for response! It's useful advices, I will try to apply it in my working process
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    @Zenboj your welcome :)

    www.thenounproject.com is a yearly subscription on 2 million icons. It comes with an app to search the icon. Perfect for drawing diagrams and design work. To convince other people visually.

    also here some books
    Visual Thinking, sketch your ideas

    Also a way to convince people in a logic way is by telling the benefits of something, so learn about on how to sell stuff with written words.
    The Copywriters Handbook

    Personal Kanban
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