Both buttons have a width from 35% but how is it possible that the button in safari is bigger then Chrome ??

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    Inspect those elements and see what each browser added.
    Also if those are actually buttons by tag, check web-kit-appearance and the likes, they might be interpreted differently.
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    Maybe its our eyes lying.
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    Did you add reset.css?
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    @M1sf3t is right, a width expressed as a percentage refers to the width of the containing element, not the viewport.

    If you want them both to be 35% of the width of the viewport, use vw units instead of %.
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    @Alice The browser support for those is not that good.
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    Nevermind vw or volvo, you need a land rover, it'll run OK anywhere
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    Chrome is not that strict as Safari (and other browsers) is with styles. Therefore this can happen, when Chrome uses not the very correct reference for his calculations.
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    Because Safari is the new IE
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    Needs more mom packages...
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