Wtf, just heard on the news about the IPO of Slack, it now has a company worth of 25 billion dollars. I always thought of Slack as a normal startup that is kinda successful, but 25 billion is unbelievable.

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    If you compare this with german companies, Slack is almost as much worth as Lufthansa, Deutsche Bank and thyssenkrupp together.
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    Its all marketing bollocks designed to maximise the share price on day 1. See what their shares are worth in 1 years time - I suspect probably half what they were at the IPO
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    Yup till 2000 we learned how to talk. Now we learn how to chat.
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    @scor valuing something at way more than it's actually (or physically) worth is nothing new, it's happened so many times in the past even all the way back to the dawn of the modern financial system (around when European colonial powers were expanding).

    Check out the South Sea Company debacle for example.
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    Yea, well, I'm an Economist.
    Was just explaining, but ranting ;)

    In fact, buying 'cheap' and selling to those who want to pay more are the very concept of every market.
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