Me: p
Windows Search: Paint
Me: pow
WS: PowerPoint
Me: powers
WS: Powershell
Me (typing too quickly to notice Powershell is already there): powershell
WS: ummm idk

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    If you set it in your Win+X menu it's a whole lot faster to just do the shortcut

    (Same thing to shutdown your PC)
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    @Jilano I didn't know about this.

    Win+X then
    - i for PowerShell or
    - a for PowerShell (admin)

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    @marcoandre1 Yup! It's pretty useful and fast
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    Switch to linux
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    at that point you can just hit Enter and it'll invoke the program

    people forget the search bar is also the Win10 equivalent of the Run prompt now. (The Windows 7 one is still available though.)
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    @Konsole I found the Linux junkie
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    @iSwimInTheC Just the better alternative. Doesn't have all this shit.
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    @Konsole I mean sure. But then you have to deal with other problems too. I've been using Linux for about a year now. Both operating systems have their issues. Grass is not greener on either side, each has missing patches and dry spots everywhere.
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    @iSwimInTheC True but they are far less insane. The only reason I see to use Windows would be if u use MS Office heavily or of u use Adobe products
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    I just use the commands to open windows apps on windows+r because the search bar never loads
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    I prefer using Launchy
    Configuring my own keys and shortcuts it's even accepting parameters..
    It's also index any directory you configuring it to.
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    @Parzi it's sadly not quite the same thing as the Run prompt. I have a tendency to hit the Windows key and type "CMD" to launch Command Prompt.

    However there is something installed called "CmDust" (seems related to CodeMeter, for a piece of software I use). Windows likes to run that instead.

    Half the time it can't find what I want to run anyway, especially if something I just installed (have to click it from menu instead)
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    Just tried this, it opened a directory I made called power-shell that contains a couple scripts xD
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