When Email and Time-sheet is everything in the workplace....
They literally don't care about your work or about successfully deploying project, if you don't have it in timesheet then you did nothing.

They want me to work on totally new things and expect to get the results within week and when I mention this is new and I can't even give estimates, they want that to be in an Email. Like WTF!! you even know this is fucking new thing that only I'm working on, there's no one to help me.

And I'm here learning,studying so I can solve these out of scope requirements with best practices.

And in the meantime they also want me to work one few other things .__.

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    They're just covering their ass andlooking for someone to blame later. The more you say "I don't know" in emails, the worse you look, and the more they are able to blame you.

    Scapegoat culture is bloody terrible.
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