A co-worker/friend came in to work this morning and told me how amazing his interview went yesterday and how amazing the company is. He said he won't know if he got the position till Monday after they interview the other guy.

I didn't have the heart to tell him that the other person they are interviewing is me. I think it might get awkward when Monday comes and I'm not at work and he realizes why.

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    You're pretty confident, sir. Did you already get the job? Maybe you are in for a surprise...
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    you owe us an update by Monday (in comments) 😁

    And good luck 👍
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    @telephantasm I honestly don't think I will get it. I applied for the position more for the experience and to get my name out there to people more then anything. I'm more worried about loosing a friend than anything.
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    So... you got all the questions from him, right? I would.
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    I am just commenting to get an update.
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    Please update.

    Man this is game of throne right there.
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    I wouldn't worry too much if I were you, I mean it's nothing personal that you happen to be interviewing at the same place, right? If your friend gets upset about that I think they probably aren't a very good friend to begin with.

    Good luck!
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    Just got done with the interview and my head is hurting.

    I won't know if I got the job for another day or two. Also didn't get an angry text from my co-worker so I don't think he realizes I'm the other person.

    I'm excited about the idea of moving to a senior Dev position but I have never actually left a comfortable job for another one before so it seems weird to me.

    I'm just glad I don't have to worry about it anymore
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    So something interesting just happened. The guy that got the job, my co worker, put in 3 weeks notice and today was the end of the second week. Our current employer fired him today for discussing his salary with everyone. He is honestly a good guy and I hope this doesn't come back to bite him in the ass.
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    @ky1r0y That's really sad to hear, hope missing one week of pay doesn't affect him much. To me that would be a blessing to take some time off between jobs 😊

    In what scenario could that come back negatively on him?

    I'm so firmly against salary being a taboo. I hope companies/people that enforce that have a special place in hell 👿
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    @LordPeeve it would very extremely easy for word to get back to his new employer about getting fired since his new boss knows one of the managers at his old job.

    Also, although he is a good Dev, he is a very unique person and did not have good performance reviews were we are currently at. I don't know if anyone where I work would give him an a decent reference.
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    @LordPeeve and yes salary should not be a taboo. On the flip side you should not be going around telling everyone you work with that the new place is going to be giving you a 42% raise
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    @ky1r0y Not sure how you can draw a line in sand once you "allow" salary discussion. But I tend to believe that the more a company underpay their staff the more they are strict on discussion of it.

    If I knew Burger King pays double the wage than McD I'd quit on moments notice 😂

    Not allowing the salary transparency leads to a cartel-like environment where only the risk-taking job-seekers will find out where the grass is greener.
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    @ky1r0y The Boss quits ppl for discussing their saleries. Indicates a lot, that he isnt paying everyone what they are worth.
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    The friendship breaker.

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