What are the coolest perks you have on the job?

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    I get to charge them for four hours of night work every week, in which all I have to do is press a button and occasionally glance at the screen to make sure nothing crashed.

    The lunch is pretty good too and I get to be the entire department's darling because I remind them all of their own daughters 😁
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    Somehow i always end up with new friends even after i change workplaces ... 10 years, 11 jobs and counting and it's still happening.
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    I get in an hour before anyone else, I leave an hour before anyone else, I get to prioritise my own work (most of the time) and when you're the only fullstack dev on the team, you get to work on a lot of projects.
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    Beers on Friday 😎
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    @duetopain , this is really cool sir!
    *tipping my non existant hat*
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    I get to work in a very flexible manner, as long as I'm available online at some point in the day, I can choose to work remotely or from the office. Better than any pool table, free beer, etc.

    The last place I worked at promoted xbox games, fuzz ball, etc. In 2 years I never once saw them being used.
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    For me is:
    1. I don't have to Verbally comunicated with any one if I choose to. (I'm a misentrop like that sometimes)...
    2. Getting to see the world on the job expence.
    3. I'm allowed to work from home without any notice(as long I'm on track with my tasks)
    4. Free brackfast. Free commute from central Station.
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    Office cat
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    Any trainings I want. Conferences. Certifications. They cover 100% of all of it :)

    Oh, and a massage chair. Friday breakfast. Parking in the city. Loads of fruits. Free coffee (apparently that's a perk! One of our clients I had to work with had a coffee machinewhere employees had to pay for coffee)
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    @netikras wow... Good times
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    @irene set on? Celsius?
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    @irene haha we are always having battle of the genders regarding ac temperature usually the femails turn off the AC....
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    @irene one more person in a room... that is a perk....
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    Is an office cat a thing? Asking for a friend.
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    @PaperTrail her names Frieda
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    Crushed ice machine. Its becoming an addiction.
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    On site(consultancy company I work for):
    - If I interview or prepare a candidate for a client interview(1hr) I get 30min PTO to use it whenever I want. The same goes if I perform a conference(1 day PTO)
    - Subway card
    - music streaming service I choose
    - $40 a month to help me pay my gym membership
    - free lunch once a month
    - social meetings with food and beer for free
    - ping pong
    - economic help with courses, certifications, etc.

    At client's site:
    - monster machine (32gb RAM, 1tb hard disk, etc...)
    - free cofee(not sure if a perk)
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    The 6 figure salary, free food, unlimited holiday, great colleagues, unlimited training budget, unlimited hardware budget and company car are the best bits I'd say. But the 4 day working week and 50% time allowed on your own side projects is cool too.

    ...huh, what? Who woke me up? That was a nice dream...
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